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Austrian Journal of Statistics - Special Issue on CoDa

A CoDa special issue has been published by the Austrian Journal of Statistics with a collection of contributions selected from CoDaWork2017: 

  • Interpretation of Explanatory Variables Impacts in Compositional Regression Models (Joanna Morais et al.); 
  • Handling Compositional Time Series with Varying Number of Parts (Jakob Bergman); 
  • The Relation between Color Spaces and Compositional Data Analysis Demonstrated with Magnetic Resonance Image Processing Applications (Omer Faruk Gulban); and 
  • Analysing Activities in a Classroom - Remembrances of Professor John Aitchison in Hong Kong with Applications to a Service Provider (Shirley Yvonne Coleman). 

The Special Issue Editors are: 

  • Karel Hron (Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Repubilik) and 
  • Josep-Antoni Martín-Fernández (Universitat de Girona, Spain). 

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IJERPH - Special Issue "Health Impact of 24-Hour Movement Behaviour and Time Use"

Across the 24-hour day, time spent in sleep, sedentary behaviour and physical activity have distinct health consequences; however, as time is finite, the effect of time use in one behaviour also depends on the time it displaced from another behaviour. The new challenge is to understanding these interactions between time spent on different behaviours and to find the optimum composition of a day that is beneficial to health.

Advances in sensor technology and analytic methodologies now allow us to track and analyse the impact of 24-hour time-use and movement behaviour on health, and to rise to this challenge. This Special Issue welcomes cutting-edge articles on the relationship between 24-hour movement behaviour and health. Articles can report on significant methodological improvements and results of analysis of observational or experimental studies.

Dr. Sebastien Chastin
Dr. Javier Palarea-Albaladejo
Guest Editor

IJERPH - Special Issue "Sedentary Behaviour and Health"

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) welcomes submissions for a Special Issue of the journal, which will focus on “Sedentary Behaviour and Health”.

Sedentary behaviour has recently emerged as a new focus of research, which is, not only due to modern life, in which sitting has become the dominant posture of most activities, but also because of its associations with different health indicators. In addition, sedentary behaviour is prevalent in all age groups going from (young) children to adolescents, adults and older adults, and it is present in many settings such as the home, the school, the office or passive transportation. As sedentary behaviour is such a recent research topic, several aspects can still be thoroughly investigated. Therefore, manuscripts on following topics (though not limited to them) are welcome to be submitted:

  • Factors influencing sedentary behaviour
  • Interventions targeting sedentary behaviour
  • Various settings (e.g., childcare, school, home, office, retirement home, transport, etc.)
  • Measurement of sedentary behaviour
  • The role of peers, family, teachers, members of the community, etc.

Researchers are invited to contribute novel work to be considered for publication in this Special Issue. Submissions could include original articles, short communications or review articles (systematic review or meta-analyses). There are no restrictions regarding study design and methodology.

Prof. Dr. Marieke De Craemer
Guest Editor